Hans Rey, an incredible life on two wheels

We sat down with mountain biking legend, Hans Rey!

In this episode of The Ride Companion, Hans dives into the unforgettable moments of his career, reminiscing about the iconic SWATCH ad campaign and reflecting on the pivotal German TV show that changed everything.

We also delve into the golden era of 90s mountain biking, where Hans competed at the first ever X-Games, the Laguna Rads crew, 37 years on GT Bikes, long-term sponsorship deals, and the epic adventures that helped define his career. Hans shares candid stories of unexpected encounters, from cruising on an ebike with a U.S. President to collaborating with icons like Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, and Rodney Mullen, all while navigating the complexities of the TV industry.

Plus, we get his unfiltered take on the modern mountain biking scene, his thoughts on the rise of ebikes, and his insights into the current state of MTB media.

Book tickets to see Hans Rey's Mishaps and Mayhem talk at a venue near you HERE!

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Mark Peterson

Hansjorg is the most prolific MTB’er on the planet and a very Cool Dude. I wish I could see this tour, I would be there without a second thought. Not only has he helped shape MTB he has given back to the sport all that he has put in and then some. Great interview boys! Hansjorg turned me on to this pod cast and I am grateful he did. Thank you Bro. I look forward to experiencing all your shows. Cheers – M

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