How Tahnée Seagrave rolls

Tahnée Seagrave joins Olly and Davi to talk about the launch of FMD Racing's new fly on the wall series 'How We Roll'. During the episode Tahnée talks about how she was first exposed to mountain biking, her siblings and the pressure of riding on the world stage as part of the family business. Tahnée also talks openly about her battle with the effects of a concussion suffered during the 2022 season, head trauma protocol at races, loosing followers after getting injured and the steps she found helpful to rediscover herself.

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Ed Schlittenhardt

Hey Olly & Davi! What are your favorite mountain bike graphics, logos or colors? One of my favorite custom bikes I’ve ever seen is Steve Peat’s Spitfire Santa Cruz. Amazing! I think you’re a happier rider if you’ve got the bike color you want even though aesthetics don’t have anything to do with your machine’s performance. Interested to know that you have a degree in graphic design, Olly. Thanks!

-Ed (MTB enthused graphic designer/illustrator)

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