Ride To Survive!! (F1 Spies)

On this episode of The Ride Companion the guys talk about their VIP experience at @Oracle Red Bull Racing, chat about the Fort William World Cup, bike thefts, industry jobs a fascinating lunch n learn plus much more...


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Erika W

I have course marshaled at World Cup races – you blow the whistle as a rider passes to alert spectators and other marshals further down the course that a rider is coming, allowing crossing guards to close the crossings and get people off the track.

As an American enamored with the UK, I have to say I really love the royal family… or at least the Queen. It’s so very British, and has a lot of historical value. It might be different if they were still political leaders, where a king and queen might represent a dictatorship, but now they are basically cultural figureheads. I’ve also read that they are quite involved in charity and humanitarian work, which is what I would hope for from any wealthy, high profile family.

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