This December 3rd -10th, 2023 The Ride Companion
will be hosting an 8 Day (7 nights) Mountain Bike Adventure in Oaxaca, Mexico. This trip is a fully catered 8-day cultural exploration like no other through the mountain bike paradise that is Oaxaca. Travellers will ride Mexican loam, eat the most authentic food, visit a petrified waterfall, see the beautiful region of Oaxaca and be treated to gifts from TRC sponsors. We can also guarantee endless laughs!


  • Finish each days mountain bike ride with the best meal of your life.
  • Bike down thousand year old agricultural footpaths of the Zapotec people.
  • Spend 8 Days hanging out with Olly Wilkins and Davi Birks.
  • Visit a 6 generation old mezcal distillery and taste up 20 different types of Mezcales!
  • Discover a different side of Mexico and learn about the Oaxaca unseen.
  • Receive free swag and bike parts.
  • Probably feature on a podcast.
  • Olly will be buying the beers.



DAY 1 / 
Upon arrival at the Oaxaca International Airport, you will be greeted by the 2Wheel staff and transferred to our accommodation. Should you arrive early, we highly recommend exploring the magical city of Oaxaca. Your guides will arrive at 8am the next morning to build bikes, have breakfast and do Orientation.

DAY 2 / 
We will start the morning at 8am, guides will arrive at the hotel to make sure all bikes are good to go, then you will have stunning market breakfast and orientation to get ready for your trip. Then you will begin your fist epic day of biking. The mountains of Oaxaca are named after their 1st indigenous president. Today you will be honoring the indigenous cultures by arriving at their sacred lookout and then descending over 4,500ft down a 2000 year old trail that takes into the Oaxaca Valley. You will arrive at the worlds oldest tree in the town Tule. Tule is know for its art, food, culture and of course the world’s oldest tree, you will eat your first traditional Oaxaca lunch before you pedal (mostly flat and dh) back to your hotel.

DAY 3 / This morning we depart Oaxaca City for our first of three days riding at La Cumbre Ixtepeji. Oaxaca’s mountain bike scene has been blowing up for the past decade, and at its heart is Ixtepeji Mountain. The Ixtepeji mountain is a 10,000ft mountain that is covered in native pine and insidious trees and is held together by soft and loamy soil that is picture perfect for mountain biking.

DAY 4 /
This morning, you have the option to arise early and hike to a spectacular viewpoint and watch a unforgettable sunrise. over the cloud forests of Oaxaca — a must do activity!

Today will be our third day of riding in a row, and we will be tackling some of the bigger and more technical MTB trails of Oaxaca. At this point you will be transforming into a Zapotec mountain biker and starting to really feel your groove.

DAY 5 / Today will be tacking the epic Ixtepjei to Oaxaca City Traverse! We will drive to the top of the park, and begin the most epic descent of the trip. 3 separate downhill trails, 2 hike a bikes and 1 45 minute climb. Clients will ride for over 20 miles and over 6,500 feet of downhill as they make their way all the way into the city of Oaxaca. When we mean this trail is epix, we mean it! Clients will have lunch in the city and have a nice relaxing evening.

DAY 6 / 
This is the cultural day of your Mexico mountain bike vacation, and today will be dedicated to rest and cultural learning. The state of Oaxaca is an absolute explosion of culture and it would take years to familiarize yourself with all the different food, mezcal, natural wonders and ruins that riddle this beautiful area.

Today go to the petrified waterfall and nature terrace pools of Hieve El Agua, which translates to “boils the water”. This natural phenomenon is essentially indescribable, but it is a series of spring fed terraces and pools that are full of salts and minerals that are perfect way to relax after 4 epic days of riding. After a short hike around the Hierve el Agua you will go to Jeronimo’s Mezcal distillery and learn about family, Zapotec culture and of course… Mezcal. 

DAY 7 / 

Our mountain bike vacation Oaxaca must end with saying good by to the stunning and quaint city of Oaxaca. This town is absolutely magical, filled with incredible art, farm fresh food and wonderful people; and we want our you to end the trip knowing the heart of Oaxaca asap!

Today we will start the morning off with a street art tour around the city of Oaxaca. This is a 3 hour tour where you will go and explore all the street art that riddles Oaxaca. Most of the art depicts the folklore and images of the Zapotec and Miztec peoples, but much of the art will also expose you to the modern day issues of Oaxaca and Mexico as you begin to connect everything you have experienced on your trip. You will end the day shredding down local Oaxacan Lunch laps on the Fortin! This is one of the best ways one can experience a day in Oaxaca.

DAY 8 / Departure Day. 2Wheel Epix staff will say its good byes and drop of the clients at the airport. 
Does this sound like a trip of a lifetime? Would you like to learn more and book your slot? LEARN MORE HERE